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Will companies still have Full Time Employees in 2030 ?

At first sight, it seems like a foolish question - How can companies work without employees ? Well, we may dream of or be frightened by of a world where companies would be run by Artificial Intelligence and People but these People may not be employees. They may be subcontractors (we all know the sentence “designed in California but assembled / made in China”), suppliers or experts hired for a specific project. Who can still claim today that he or she is a ” Full Time Permanent Employee” ? Full time perhaps but permanent no. And if we dig a bit deeper, the full time job is really a series of projects where the project members vary.

In a world of communities, you may soon have several projects but for several employers not only because you the “employee” decides to work for several employers but because your ‘”employer” has joined forces with another company, a joint-venture, an alliance, a partnership.