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Innovative Global Mobility IT Solutions: Focus on AIRINC

This is the sixth and last interview in our IT series where we present some of the most innovative tools available for the management of your international assignees.

Check out interview with Mike Wincott, Senior Director Client Solutions EMEA of AIRINC

1) In a few words, describe what would be the benefit of your offer:

World class service, expertise that spans decades, and products designed to meet the needs you didn’t yet know you have: these are some of the benefits to working with AIRINC.

We support companies with moving talent to the right place at the right time. We do that by giving them access to a suite of tools that embed the data we collect first hand. Our data and solutions can be used off the shelf for companies that want something that is ready, but we also support configured solutions for companies that want customized tools that are specific to their requirements. And, most importantly, our client engagement team is readily there for all your support needs. We pride ourselves on the decades of experience our team has and the timely and thoughtful responses they deliver.

No one mobility program is alike. Because of that, the International Assignment Calculator (IAC) is a ready-to-use technology solution that makes it easier to prepare your allowances your way. This is the best solution for anyone looking to implement a fast, low-cost technology that is set up within days, not months. The IAC covers cost of living allowances (COLA), housing, tax (including gross-ups), social security, hardship, and more. There are level adjustments, allowing for customization based on assignment purpose (e.g., developmental versus executive).

You can also apply caps to your allowances and create company-specific reports that deliver clarity of cost/benefits to assignees and the business.

Find out more by watching this 2-minute video:

The Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) and the Host Pay Calculator (HPC) are two of our other top technology solutions. The Assignment Cost Estimator offers online access to self-service cost projections. This enables you to quickly run estimates on your own, comparing the cost of multiple candidates, evaluating the cost of exceptions, and/or advising on the cost of different policies for a single candidate. To learn more about ACE, please visit:

The Host Pay Calculator helps companies with one-way relocations to evaluate and protect the transferees’ purchasing power in an unfamiliar host location. It presents options for determining housing and goods and services costs, highlights cost of living and tax differences between locations at a point in time, and generates reports within minutes.

2) What companies are best suited for using your tool?

Everyone! The International Assignment Calculator has the widest appeal because it helps small programs with individual or ad hoc moves, but also works great for larger programs that have seemingly countless moves.

The Assignment Cost Estimator and the Host Pay Calculator both attract companies of all sizes due to the customization and cost-saving capabilities.

3) How does the price structure work?

All three tools are value-based and market-competitive. We offer different purchase models to accommodate different purchase needs, including one-off reports and subscriptions to reports that are needed on an ongoing basis.

4) Who are your main competitors and how do you differentiate from them?

Mercer and ECA International are our primary competitors for data. How we differentiate ourselves from them is through our incredible global coverage (particularly in developing countries), unique approach to generating robust data, world-class customer service, and our flexible technology that is quick and affordable to implement. This is true for the International Assignment Calculator and our entire product suite.

And we don’t just deliver products and services – we deliver confidence. We do this by surveying hundreds of international locations and by offering more transfer combinations than any other provider. Having been in the global mobility business for over 65 years, we provide an unmatched stability and expertise that focuses on client needs with tailored products, advice, and service that is the best in the marketplace.

We also compete with tax firms and mobility technology providers for cost estimate business. Our essential value-add is that we have all the data embedded in our technology (mobility data, relocation costs, and tax calculations) and can configure cost estimates to align to a client’s suite of policies.

5) Is there any other point you would like to share?

At AIRINC, we pride ourselves on innovation that exceeds our clients’ highest expectations. To accomplish this, we are out in the market speaking with clients and prospects about their biggest challenges, and we are creating new solutions to address those needs. Some of the recent results from this are COLA Change Reports, AIMS (an online talent decision guide), and Lump Sums for relocation.

We love what we do and we want our clients to feel that love through our products, services, and comprehensive support. If you are new to AIRINC, the video below provides a brief introduction. You can find the video of your choice by clicking your desired language link below:

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