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Innovative Global Mobility IT Solutions: Focus on Mercer Mobility Management Platform

This is the fifth interview in our IT series where we present some of the most innovative tools available for the management of your international assignees.

Check out interview with with Jean-Philippe Sarra, Global Mobility Practice Leader, France at Mercer.

1) In a few words, describe what would be the benefit of your offer ?

Mercer Mobility Management Platform (MMP) is a technology platform that helps manage complex mobility programmes by bringing all aspects of an organisation’s international and domestic assignments along with proprietary Mercer data, together in one place.

With employees on the move, MMP can help:

  • Reduce the volume of work and transactional processes associated with employee moves, freeing up time to spend on more strategic, higher business-value activities.

  • Improve satisfaction amongst internal resources responsible for assignments and mobile employees, resulting in increased performance.

2) What companies are best suited for using your tool ?

Any company with at least 30 mobile employees could use MMP whether they are on long or short term assignments or transferred permanently. With MMP, our client will have access to all calculators (balance sheet calculator, compensation localizer…) at no additional cost.

3) How does the price structure work?

There is license fee for MMP that is based on the number of active cases per year.

4) Who are your main competitors and how do you differentiate from them ?

The strengths of our offer are:

  • Our knowledge of mobility issues and trends gained from our long experience serving our clients and successfully implementing mobility solutions.

  • The technology used for MMP which provides the best user experience through configurable interface and portals for all three use cases (mobility specialist, business manager, employee). The platform is built in collaboration with ServiceNow, one of the world's leading technology companies.

  • A price point that will be attractive not only to companies with large mobility programmes, but also with small programmes

5) Is there any other point you would like to share ?

MMP is focused on delivering a “consumer grade” experience for all stakeholders in the assignment process via individual access portals into the tool, accessible via traditional pc/mac and mobile devices. Please contact us for an initial demonstration.

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