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Innovative Global Mobility IT Solutions: Focus on ReloTalent

This is the fourth interview in our IT series where we present some of the most innovative tools available for the management of your international assignees.

Check out interview with Sébastien Deschamps, CEO & Co-founder of ReloTalent

1) In a few words, describe what would be the benefit of your offer?

ReloTalent is an ideal solution for any business needing a complete global mobility management software solution, and is built around four core pillars:

  • Assignment Management, including workflows, reminders, communication and process automation.

  • Vendor Management, such as service initiation, authorisation, and tracking. Bring your existing vendors with you or tap into ReloTalent existing network of quality providers.

  • Compensation Calculations and Cost Projections, including hypothetical tax, gross to gross and net to gross calculations, cost of living analysis, housing allowances and tracking of final costs.

  • Employee Onboarding, with a mobile app for all assignee relocation activity and communication, and easy to deploy questionnaires and local guides.

2) What companies are best suited for using your tool?

Any company that deals with cross border hiring and employee mobility will benefit from ReloTalent’s global mobility management features. Our affordable rolling subscriptions allows companies of any size to take advantage of the data and technology they need. We are seeing more and more HR managers that don’t necessarily have expert global mobility team in-house use ReloTalent solution to better structure and run their international hire and relocation programs.

3) How does the price structure work?

ReloTalent is available at two subscription levels, both offering unlimited access to all our automation, vendor management and employee onboarding features, regardless of the number of users or assignments initiated. The base subscription is our Unlimited Plan at US$599 per month. The second subscription level is the Unlimited Plus Plan, which adds unlimited access to our salary calculation, cost projection and data tools, and is just US$1,999 per month.

All ReloTalent’s plans come with free onboarding and support, with an option to add additional training and close support if required. There is also an additional charge for API connection with your existing HR software. ReloTalent can seamlessly integrate with HRIS systems such as PeopleSoft, Workday, SuccessFactors, ADP, and others, to deliver true end-to-end functionality and cost savings by eliminating the need for unnecessary and duplicate data-entry.

4) Who are your main competitors and how do you differentiate from them?

ReloTalent’s primary competitor is the spreadsheet. Excel and Google Sheets are excellent tools, but not for managing processes as complex as global relocations. We provide an intuitive yet comprehensive solution for organisations and HR professionals who are still using these tools to manage their moves, but need to improve their management capabilities. ReloTalent takes all the data traditionally stored in spreadsheets, secures it and delivers it in a way that allows global mobility professionals to spend less time on laborious administrative tasks, and more on the real work that leads to relocation success.

5) Is there any other point you would like to share?

Accurate salary calculations and cost projections are a cornerstone of any successful relocation program and ReloTalent is democratising this process with actionable data and tools. Find the details of our data-centric compensation calculations here:

HR managers who would like to explore ReloTalent’s solution can sign up for a 14 days free trial here:

Book a demo from our website:

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