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Innovative Global Mobility IT Solutions: Focus on GT Global Tracker

This is the third interview in our IT series where we present some of the most innovative tools available for the management of your international assignees.

Check out our interview with Liam Brennan, CEO of GT Global Tracker

1. In a few words, describe what would be the benefit of your offer?

GT Global Tracker is an award-winning product that enables corporations to monitor the business travel of their employees and issues alerts when critical thresholds are reached for Tax, Immigration, Permanent Establishment or Duty of Care obligations.

In a busy corporation keeping track of all these moving people and parts can be difficult – we make it easy by giving several options to track employees – either by smartphone, travel agency monitoring or other sources of data within a company. When a threshold approaches, an alert is issued and the relevant subject matter expert can deal with the potential infraction.

At the core of the product is a sophisticated rules engine with over 6 million algorithms constantly running checks on the travellers’ nationality, tax residency, destination, trip duration, trip frequency and immigration status.

With the increasing focus on traveller administration by national jurisdictions, being ahead of this compliance curve is becoming an increasingly important business issue.

2. What companies are best suited to using the tool

The GT Global Tracker platform can be used by any size organisation. A small company of maybe 10 mobile workers can have the same problems as a global multinational with many thousand business travellers. Many companies focus on the regular business travel group but a single trip by an employee can drive the same risks. Duty of Care is a universal obligation so companies should look to rolling out a solution to all employees.

Where companies have project work or rotating employees, the risks are greater as employees spend longer in the destination so travel needs to be monitored.

As the relocation industry continues to consolidate – as evidenced by the recent industry mergers, the reality of today’s business is that assignments are becoming shorter in nature and there is a move from long term relocation to more short term and commuter assignments. In these assignments many companies do not adequately monitor the tax or immigration risks in the same way as they do on long term assignments.

3. How does the Pricing structure work?

The pricing structure is simple – a subscription fee per traveller per annum. There are no charges per trip, per alert or per report. This allows for easy budgeting and forecasting. In large companies the pricing is capped at 1000 travellers – all other travellers are free.

4. Who are the main competitors and how do we differentiate from them?

We compete regularly with the ‘Big 4’ tax firmsThe GT Global Tracker software is the platform behind many of the tax and mobility industry platforms on the market today. All of these products utilise our solution.

A significant difference in the product is that we do not come from a single section of the market – for example – tax. We cover Tax, Immigration and Duty of Care in one product. In this way the user experience of the traveller is high as they do not have to follow different processes for different internal functions.

5. Any other points to note?

Our biggest differentiator is our ‘Pre Trip’ functionality where we can allow companies to assess a potential trip for compliance before it happens. This functionality can also assess for budget approval or for Security Risk management. This again highlights how multiple internal stakeholders can utilise the tool for their specific areas of interest and the user experience is simplified.

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