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Innovative Global Mobility IT Solutions: Focus on Benivo

This is the second interview in our IT series where we present some of the most innovative tools available for the management of your international assignees.

Check out interview with Matthew Chic, Chief Commercial Officer, Benivo

1) In a few words, describe what would be the benefit of your offer ?

Benivo's Destinations product enables HR teams to save time, reduce costs and improve employee experience NPS with automated actions plan communications, settling-in guidance, workflows, interest-free finance access for upfront moving costs, and welcome gifts to surprise and delight - offered in a branded product for unlimited global locations.

2) What companies are best suited for using your tool ?

Any global company with over 100 employees who move for work every year, international or domestic, including new hires, assignments and transfers.

3) How does the price structure work?

Destinations is purchased by buying licenses which typically range from €400-€600 according to feature selections and volume.

4) Who are your main competitors and how do you differentiate from them ?

We may compete with lump-sum marketplace products where an allowance is given to spend with a pre-selected list of suppliers. We differentiate by offering a global, customisable self-serve solution that does not require an allowance for an employee to benefit from.

5) Is there any other point you would like to share ?

A video overview of our products is here.

A long history of user product reviews are here:

Finally, we do have a small number of openings remaining for our Trials offer described here:

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