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How to select your providers

At UniMobility we spend a considerable amount of time helping your clients to find the right supplier. So how do we do this ?

We take the following steps :

1) We begin by identifying the business needs and the interaction that may arise between the service providers and internal team. This enable us to start drafting a first selection of services.

2) Next we (based on our experience) compare this requirement with the allocated budget. In most cases, this involves the reduction of the scope of services or perhaps the frequency of certain tasks. At this stage we should have a scope of services and a precise idea of costs.

3) We then draft the “RFP”. This document is key to passing the message to service providers. Our “savoir faire” enables us to write a concise but clear RFP.

4) Next we pre-select a number of providers based on their reputation, scope of services and alignment of services provided with our request. We proceed with a preliminary discussion with them in order to ensure that they are willing to participate in our RFP based upon your requirements (timeframe, budget etc). We never send an RFP before we are assured that the service provider plans to participate in the process.

5) We then present the RFP and answer any questions. This is typically a good chance to see how the service provider would interact with us and with our client.

6) We make a preselection based upon responses and we then proceed to interview the most relevant applicants. We do attempt to see an ample number of applicants. If we do not see certain applicants at this stage it is likely due to a sizable discrepancy between our request and their reply.

7) The last stage is the selection of the service provider based upon these interviews and an overall analysis of the answers provided.

Of course once a provider is selected we spend a substantial amount of time on regular feedback in order to improve the quality of the relationship. This is how we do it !

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